Feb ’15 – Falling in love…

Falling in love…


Iphone 6 275
Rita – VW T25 Camper

I caught the VW bug back in ’99, a colleague of mine drove a ’62 cal look beetle as his FRJW7581[1]daily driver. It was slammed in the weeds, had a two tone lilac and grey paint job and I thought it as the coolest thing in the world! I managed to purchase it as my first car but due to mechanical problems wasn’t a relationship set to last. What it did however, was introduce me to a world of quirky vehicles, laid back people and something rather special – The VW Show.



My first show was more or less on my doorstep, VANFEST, held in Malvern. Turns out to be the largest collection of VW transporters anywhere in the world. I was hooked, from that point on, I wanted a camper van!

The VANFEST show has since been rebranded as BUSFEST. Held at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern, Worcestershire, It’s an absolute must for any VW enthusiasts. Check it out @


If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a camper van, it can have a tendency to remain just that, a dream. The pictures above were taken from various VANFEST visits over the years, fuelling my campervan aspirations. With life circumstances, and a limited budget, 16 years had passed before dream could become reality.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. By 2015, the classic splitscreen camper was more desirable than ever, they had aIMG_0432ppreciated in value to the point where any hope of acquiring one was totally out of my reach. I knew I wanted a classic, so a modern camper didn’t ‘feel’ right to me. I wanted it to be a traditional aircooled Volkswagen. So I had the choice of a bay or an early wedge. My plan was to use and enjoy the camper and although the bay is seen as the more desirable model I knew I’d get an early wedge in much better condition for my budget. Long term, with the number of T25’s dwindling, and gathering a following all of their own, I figured it’d make a great investment. The search was on for an aircooled VW T25…



img_0366After a few weeks I found her, a 1981 VW T25 Hightop. I travel 100 miles to collect her and I figure if she makes it home under her own steam, she’s a good ‘un!


As I drive her home, I smile from ear to ear for every single one of those miles. I’m in love, she’s mine, I’ve named her Rita.





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