Apr ’15 – Early days…

Early days…


With no mechanical experience, but a desire to make Rita the best camper she can be, I’m setting about doing the jobs I feel I can do. Very first job on my list is to change the awful white UK plug socket plonked in the van to convert it from the original European electrics. The previous owner obviously had no thought of how it would compliment the interior and it looks terrible. I replace it with an antique effect brass one purchased from eBay for under a tenner and couldn’t be more pleased. It really was a very simple first job, but with excellent results.
iphone 6 321

With confidence at a high (and a belief in my new found electrical abilities! lol) I set about my first ‘proper’ job. Rita requires protection, so I order an alarm system and get out the toolbox. For security reasons I won’t be publishing any details of this particular item but by being prepared to install it myself, I know I’ve got a decent system for a reasonable cost. The instructions tell me to allow 2hrs to fit…

It takes 4hrs, a call to the manufacturer and more than a little help from a capable (and luckily willing) friend, but it works and I’m one happy chappy!

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