Aug ’15 – Sunshine Festival  


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Confident in Rita’s reliability we head out together at every opportunity. My daily vehicle sits unloved, yearning for some attention. Yet there’s no way I can resist the sweet sound of Rita’s engine as she sparks into life, so it’s her keys I opt for every time. We do the commute to work, the weekly shop and any of the usual ‘dad’s taxi’ journeys I’m required to undertake. I’ve also booked tickets to a couple of weekend events, desiring to make the most of what is left of this summer.

Iphone 6 816
Rita all set up & ready for the weekend!!!

The last bank holiday weekend of the year (Friday 28th to Sunday 30th August) sees the Sunshine Music Festival staged in Upton upon Severn. This is a 3 day event, local to me, that offers the chance to socialise, enjoy a drink, listen to live music and most importantly: CAMP OUT! We attend as a large group (12 of us in total), and stay for the full weekend, pitched up in a large field close to the River Severn. There’s a separate area for VW’s but our group mainly consists of tents so we stay on the main field. I’m glad of this in any case as the segregated area appears to be largely in the shade. This year is headlined by UB40 (in their current guise anyway), along with Gabrielle, Suzi Quatro, Chas & Dave, The Wurzels, Showaddywaddy and many more… if I’m totally honest though, the music isn’t up to much, with the majority of acts living off their name and former glory. 


The opportunity to camp out with a group of family and friends though, is definitely not to be missed, the quality of the music having no bearing on the mood of our camp. During the day we’re entertained with a fun fair including rides and inflatables for all ages. There are plenty of stalls to have a look around along with catering vans for food. Luckily we have dinner back at camp, leaving the not so fortunate day visitors to get fleeced by the extortionate meal prices!

We watch the performances in the evenings before heading back to light camp fires and eat some good grub from our BBQ. The drinks flow as the night progresses and we all have a great laugh, a few of us even attempt to dance! 

Everybody here is really enjoying themselves. I feel this is down to spending the weekend together as a group though, rather than because of the festival itself. I’m sure we could find a cheaper event in the future, and enjoy ourselves just as much. It’s my opinion that £85 per weekend ticket is overpriced. When all is said and done though, we’ve all had a fantastic weekend and memories have been made. We watch the fireworks that bring the show to a close and promise each other we’ll do it again soon, I genuinely hope we do. 

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