Sep ’15 – Busfest (Sat)

BUSFEST – Saturday

I wake Saturday morning damp in sweat. The van’s like a sauna, bright sunshine penetrating the curtains. I scratch around for my phone but can’t find it so have to creep forward into the cab to check the dash clock. It’s 10.30! I can’t believe the littles and I have slept in. Fresh air is needed so I slide open Rita’s door and cool air floods the van. The deep ‘clunk’ of the door stirs the kids and the dog alike. Quickly getting into some jogging bottoms I let the dog out before helping the kids down from the high top. The weathers cooler than it looks but we all wear hoodies and sit outside for breakfast. My search for the phone intensifies once my stomach is full. Then I spot it. During the night my phone has dropped down a gap between the bed and the cupboard units. Just how it managed to squeeze down between there is a mystery but I have no way of getting it back. I can’t even get a single finger into the gap and it’s fallen right down to the van floor. I’m really annoyed, not only do I feel lost without my phone, my chance to get anymore photos of the show has now gone. (PICTURES SHOWN ON THIS POST HAVE BEEN BORROWED FROM BUSFEST FACEBOOK PAGE) On top of that, I know once home, I’ll have to take apart Rita’s interior. Iphone 6 910

We spend the day walking around, taking in the whole show. There are so many unique vans, converted for almost every purpose. Of particular interest to me is a type called the ‘gypsy’. This has a T25 cab but the body of a traditional style caravan/motorhome. The owners let me look inside which is really nice of them. They’ve every right to be proud, it’s luxurious inside and in an amazing condition. I’m sure you could comfortably live in one of these for long periods of time, ideally suited to a ‘dream tour’ of Europe or the US. (SIMILAR VEHICLE PICTURED – SORRY, BORROWED PICTURE) We head into the hangers where we discover a couple of T25’s converted with Porsche engines. I’m more of a traditionalist but my son is fascinated by them, asking me all sorts of questions I’ve no idea of the answers to. I have to admit I’m pretty impressed too. 

A row of 4×4 ‘syncro’ T25’s sit between a open air display field and some of the permanent buildings located on site. These have huge chunky wheels and large ‘lifted’ suspension giving them a taller ride height. A few are covered in cargo nets, Jerry cans, ladders and tools with write ups displayed about their adventures ‘on safari’. Very, very cool. In the display arena we watch as a bright yellow one with a ‘monster’ engine roars down the length of the field. There are large obstacles made of logs which are impressively driven over. Various stunts are performed and it’s a really good show, fascinated we watch it until the end. I don’t think Rita will be doing this anytime soon!


Both the children have taken a keen interest in the campers and I’m impressed with their growing knowledge of the particular models. As we explore the trade area every stall brings a chorus of ‘can we have……?’, I’m asking myself the very same question as there’s so much I’d like for myself. Unfortunately it’s been an expensive couple of months and the coffers have run dry, so I’m left to just browse and dream. We find a couple of ‘paint your own’ camper van money boxes at a reasonable price. I get them one each as a keepsake, hopefully these will keep their interest long after the show has ended, producing another generation of VW enthusiasts.

With the dog in tow and not wanting to leave him alone in the van, the evening entertainment really isn’t an option. So as the day draws to a close we head back to Rita. Besides we’ve been out for hours, must have walked for miles and we’re shattered. A couple of young children appear from one of the surrounding vans and the kids all go off and play together. I cook a few chicken burgers on the BBQ so we can eat well before we bed down for the night.

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