Sep ’15 – Busfest (Sun)

BUSFEST – Sunday

I opened the vent in the roof before I slept last night. Whilst still pretty stuffy inside, Rita is much more comfortable this morning. I’m awake early so get up and let the dog out. We’re out of bacon, I also don’t want to disturb the kids with the kettle, so any form of breakfast is on hold until we can go back down to the main show area. I set up a chair in front of the van so the dog and I can sit together and watch the world go by for a while. Mind you, here in this ‘little world’, every vehicle is a Volkswagen, so it’s much more interesting than usual! I wish everyone that passes by us a ‘Good Morning’ and offer them a smile. A few look a bit worse for wear, as they head toward the toilet block to freshen up. Obviously they’ve had a heavy night! Unlike many of the VW shows I’ve attended over the years, BUSFEST boasts good facilities when it comes to toilet blocks and wash areas. So spending the whole weekend here is never a problem. I’m sure this has been a contributing factor to the sites success. It’s twenty odd minutes before I hear the two little ones moving about in the van, time to rise to go and get them.


Once we’ve freshened up, we head down to the main strip in search of breakfast. Each of us have a bacon roll along with a hot drink. As usual the prices border on extortion, but as I’m planning to leave around midday today, I pay it to save us valuable time. We hang around long enough to check out the ‘show & shine’. I’d love to take a mountain of photos, but with my phone imprisoned in the van I’m not able to take any at all. This is the only disappointment of the whole weekend. (PICTURES USED ON THIS POST HAVE BEEN BORROWED FROM BUSFEST FACEBOOK PAGE)

As expected the quality of the vehicles on display here is exceptional. Of the non T25’s displayed, the first van to really catch my eye is a white T5 (I think?!) with amazing paint, covered in artwork depicting sailing ships and pirates. It’s stunning and stands out from the crowd. I have a good look around it, actually it’s even better once I’m up close, the detail is breathtaking. 

Further on around the field, we come across a Splitscreen Pick up with pop out windows. It has really old dark blue patina paintwork which is as rusty as it is coloured, and faded white commercial livery down each side. On top of the cab sits a roof rack full of old vintage boxes. There is a dark red cover over the flat bed rolled up at the sides. The van is sitting really low on new beautifully polished chrome alloys. It all works together amazingly well. For me, it’s my favourite. I love it mainly because I don’t even know why it’s my favourite. It’s not even a camper van, it’s a commercial vehicle, but it’s amazingly good, and totally cool. Whoever has put this together has done a wonderful job. It’s top class.

Only about half a dozen T25’s are displayed, and of these, unless I’m mistaken, none are Aircooled. My favourite of these is a deep red California ‘Westy’ Pop Top. The paintwork is great, the panels are perfectly straight and it appears almost as if it has just left the factory. It has large silver alloy wheels that set the van off very nicely and quirky little registration plates that I don’t think are exactly street legal. It sure looks great in any case. 


Perhaps there is room for a Aircooled Westfalia high top? Would she have held her own?

The other van that has caught my eye is a blue panel van. I think I like this partly because the round headlights remind me of Rita. I’m also attracted to it by it’s simplicity and colour, which just goes to show what the right paint job can do. I’m disappointed to learn that you are only able to vote if you have entered a vehicle of your own. I don’t really understand this to be honest. Surely the winners should be based on the opinions of everyone viewing them? Anyway, I have my favourites, If I ever have the courage to enter, I’ll get my vote too.


Having had a great weekend it’s time to get back to Rita and head home. For anybody looking for a day out with IMG_0663the kids, I can honestly say I haven’t heard the usual cliche ‘I’m bored’ once. I’m obviously biased, but £15 for a day visitor, especially when accompanied kids enter for nothing, seems a total no brainer.

All packed up and ready to leave, Rita struggles to start again. I’m a little concerned, but then again, I’ve no idea if her battery is any good. Next time she has an appointment with the workshop, I’ll get it checked out.

Once Rita’s up and running, we have a trouble free journey home.



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