Jan ’16 – MOT Time

New Years Resolutions?

New Years Resolutions. How quickly do you break yours? My resolution (the only one I truly intend to stick to anyway) is to get more use out of the van. Like everyone else though, this is destined to be broken early on. I receive the news I’ve been dreading for some time: next month I require substantial surgery. Not only is Rita heading into the garage (MOT is pending), but I am too! As I’m the only one who takes her out, this news means parking up for at least 2 months. Since we’ve been together, as a bare minimum, Rita has enjoyed a once weekly commute to work. Putting her into hibernation is the opposite of 2016’s plan.

Sometimes circumstances dictate, I’ll just have to make the best of a bad situation. We go out on a few short trips together, then I decide to book her in for the dreaded MOT before I’m out of action.

Iphone 6 1153

 I have every confidence in Rita’s ability to pass, after all, it doesn’t seem all that long since she was checked over in the workshop. I’ve chosen a local test centre just up the road from ‘Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce’ factory. A colleague of mine used them recently and he was complimentary. They’ve quoted me £30 for the test, so I book her in. She drives lovely on the short journey there, even starting at the first time of asking, surely a good omen!


CTS Auto Centre, Unit C, The Railway Yard, Midland Road, Worcester, WR5 1DS 

Hmm, we have a fail. Rear wheel bearings, both sides. The plus side is that there are no other advisories at all, just the bearings require replacement. Rita had given no indication of a problem, no noises, no rumblings, nothing at all. I’ve no choice but to trust the professionals, if I get them to carry out the work I’ll be able to pick her up tomorrow. I want that certificate, so reluctantly, I agree.

Once Rita’s done, we have a clear ticket for another year. Time to park her up for our enforced break. Sleep well Rita…

5 thoughts on “Jan ’16 – MOT Time

  1. Speedy Recovery!
    I am just Rehabbing from Hip Revision Operation…..am on the Second visit to the therapist. Hopefully at the end of May I will be ready to Head out on my own personal ” Walk About ” in my 85 Westfalia Busaru.
    Southern US, Belize, and Points Warm and Inviting.
    Enjoy your Posts and Pictures.
    Safe Trails.

    Liked by 1 person

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