Feb ’16 – Hibernation

Hopes & dreams…

I’ve never been so ill…

The operation has hit me far harder than I was expecting. I’m pretty much confined to my chair during the day (apart from the odd journey to the downstairs toilet). As I’m so used to being constantly ‘on the go‘ it’s come as a massive shock. I feel pretty low, well, very, very low if I’m honest. I genuinely had no idea.

I’d like to make it a birthday she’ll remember forever…

Owning a campervan is all about hopes and dreams. Rita may be in hibernation, but she’s far from redundant. What she offers me now is hope and potential. I may not be able to move much, but I’ve got access to the internet. I want something to focus my mind whilst I’m rehabilitating and something to enjoy once I’m better. I’ve decided to plan a road trip, our first ‘proper‘ adventure!

My girlfriend’s birthday is in mid summer. It’s one of the so called ‘Landmark Birthdays’ so I’d like to make it one she’ll remember forever. What better way to mark such an occasion, than heading off together into the sunset? With this in mind, the destination of our first significant road trip is already decided. Since we’ve met, I know she has wanted to visit Ireland. IMG_0977

So location and time of year set then. But how long do we go away for? How much travelling can you condense into a relatively short period of time? I start at all the usual places: Trip Advisor, Irish tourism websites, price comparison searches, plus anything else I come across on google. Once all is printed off, I have plenty of reading material…

I want to organise a rough itinerary. I know I’m not quite embracing the whole ‘wandering nomad‘ thing, but being a novice with limited travelling experience, I prefer the safety of knowing we’ll have somewhere to stay each night. My mind is awash with ideas, the planning of this trip definitely giving me something positive to focus on.


In times of hardship, we need our ‘hopes & dreams’.

Rita provides these in abundance…

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