Apr ’16 – Road to Recovery

I’m stuck at home. Rehabilitation to date, is at 6 weeks. During the day, I only have the internet for company. What is a man to do…?

The answer? Source VW parts, obviously…

With hour upon hour of spare time on my hands, it isn’t long before I begin searching for camper van parts and accessories. I’m sure every owner does the exact same as me, dreaming of the next upgrade. I’ve considered changing wheels.


This would restore some of Rita’s original looks, going from alloys back to steels. But not only will I need to purchase the rims, I’ll require smaller tyres and obviously hubcaps too. This becomes an expensive change, one I also fear is just change for change’s sake. Would I want alloys if she was currently sat on steels? Probably. Besides I’m pleased with her exterior look. 

If I’m going to spend money, I need to see improvement. What problems do I currently ‘make do’ with? Rita’s curtains are well past their best, they’re one block colour (dark brown), and pretty threadbare, definitely not aesthetically pleasing at all.IMG_1012 Currently, they’re running on elasticated wires, originally designed for netting around the home. This seems like a quick fix installed by a previous owner, and definitely lends itself to an upgrade. The morning sunshine penetrates through them easily so I’d also like something to block out any light as required. I’m pretty sure that they provide no thermal properties either, again, with modern technology, I’m sure improvement can be made. With the re-upholstery of the seats and beds such a success, I decide new curtains is definitely the way to go. 

I have plenty of time to pick and choose. Weirdly, the decision with the curtains seems even more difficult than that of the upholstery. Maybe I had a clearer idea of what I wanted, maybe it’s because I now have something to match up to? Maybe I just have too much time, search too many options and so I keep changing my mind?

I’ll definitely be installing tracks top and bottom. These hold runners for the curtain hooks. This should keep the curtains tight as possible to the windows, ensuring both privacy and smooth functionality. To aid with any light ingress and heat loss, I’m going to use thermal blackout fabric as a lining.

I still can’t be climbing around the van with a tape measure, so for now, I just order a few samples. This is probably a positive, meaning I won’t rush into a decision.

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