May ’16 – Dubs in the Middle

A small, local Volkswagen show. The weather is beautiful…

AIMG_1193 small, local Volkswagen show.

Dubs In the Middle, Ashdown Farm, Badsey Road, Evesham, WR11 7EN. T:07795 522770




The weather is beautiful. Unfortunately, that’s the best I can say about the whole show really. I don’t want to sound harsh but it isn’t great by any stretch of the imagination. 

Iphone 6 1157

Luckily, we’ve only turned up as day visitors. There really isn’t a lot on display here. The highlight of the ‘Show’ (for the kids at least) was getting to go on the ‘Mini campers’. I’ve seen these at various shows and would love one myself! Could do with getting some T25 versions out there though. After a look around the very limited amount of trade stalls, we head back to Rita. I’ve parked her at the top of the adjoining field, where there is plenty of space to enjoy the picnic we’ve brought along with us. We have a kick about with a football in the field and enjoy ourselves regardless. Just proves all you really need is a little sunshine, your camper and an excuse to go out.

Iphone 6 1165

In fairness to the organisers I’ve been told there was another show put on in Malvern which clashed with the date. This would explain the low turnout and is probably why I had thought it a better quality show in previous years.

Poor show, great day.


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