Jun ’16 – Preparation complete

Final checklist…

So here we are just a couple of weeks from our first major road trip. Rita is running beautifully, final checks are done and all systems are go!

I’ve tried to be as organised as possible. I’m certain I’ve over thought every scenario but with our first significant road trip now almost upon us the nerves are tingling. Although we don’t drink directly from Rita’s water tank (I’ve never considered it clean enough) I’m giving it a clean using PURICLEAN. This should be ok to rinse plates or brush our teeth.

One final purchase, something I’ve wanted for a while but never actually got around to buying: levelling chocks. I’m sure these will come in handy. Rita is permanently stocked with our necessary ‘quick getaway’ items. So things like sleeping bags, towels, cooking equipment and cutlery etc are already packed. I’ve made a check list for everything else.

Check List:

  • Rita Serviced & cleaned (Must look her best!)
  • Cooker, fridge and water supply checked and working correctly
  • Gas bottle full
  • BBQ, coal and firelighters etc packed
  • Pillows and Overnight bags (Toiletries) packed
  • Waterproofs & Walking boots
  • Suitcase of clothes in High top and a few ‘dressier‘ items hung in the wardrobe 
  • Mechanical spares

I’ve included ‘mechanical spares’ on the list. Obviously I’m no mechanic, so in the event of breakdown I’ll be totally reliant on the skills of trained professionals from various recovery companies. However, if I can give them a helping hand to get Rita moving again ASAP I will. With this in mind I’m carrying the following on board with us:

  • Sticky Tape – electrical and Duck!
  • Jubilee clips
  • Zip ties
  • WD40
  • Fan belt
  • Clutch cable
  • Throttle cable
  • Glue
  • Oil

Dare I say it? I think we’re ready…

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