This Blog serves to document a life held ambition: to have my very own camper van. I hope to share this experience, the highs, the lows, the discovery of new places, meet many more faces and truly explore, in Rita.

Rita is a 1981 Volkswagen Transporter. Sent straight from the VW factory in Germany to another German company, Westfalia, to undergo a campervan conversion. She has spent her whole life as a camper. These vans (or bus’ as they are sometimes known) have multiple names depending on where in the world you hail from.

So she’s a Camper, a Caravelle, a van, or a bus. Shes a T25, a T3 or a Vanagon. Even a Wedge or a Brick. But to me? She’s simply called, RITA.

Iphone 6 1240
The old girl and I, looking proud.
 I have no mechanical experience, no travelling experience and no bottomless pit of money. I’m not in a position to quit the rat race and have no immediate intention to travel across the world either. I have to work, I have to pay bills on a modest home, and for all intents and purposes I’m like everybody else: totally normal. Like the vast majority of camper van owners, this is me, just fulfilling a dream. Will it turn into a nightmare? Will she prove to be the best leap of faith in my life? Whatever happens, good or bad, it’ll be on record here. I will give honest reviews of the adventures we have and of the places we stay. I’ll also publish any issues I come across from classic van ownership, any help or hindrance I receive along the way and of course any maintenance or upgrades required.